"I Design Fashion, and My Fashion is Changeble"

Viktoriia Mitina is an entrepreneur and designer who has just launched her own brand. She believes that through styling and dressing you will eventually find peace in life. "I don't always stick to one style, in summer I wear cold colors with the addition of something with bright and warm tones. In the cold seasons I prefer a subdued style. I define my own designs and it's always changeable, which also shows the things I'm passionate about in life."

Let Your Style Show Your Character

"I think my style shows my character and what kind of music I like, in my clothes you can see elements of rock style, I really like black and metal accessories. But I don't like rock lifestyle. I'm a very cheerful and friendly person, so I also like something colorful. This also explains why my style is always changing. Just like a person has many sides, we can be interested in several things at the same time. It's never a paradox!"

Color is at the core of Mara's outfit." I don’t pick colors based on emotions, but rather on how that color makes me feel. For example, I know green will always compliment my hair, so I feel comfortable with it. Red makes me feel bold, because a redhead wearing red tends to attract attention, even if you’re only looking for a second, with a corner of an eye. Black and white are basic choices, but depending on the clothes it also feels rather classy, and the list goes on.😊

Uniqueness Makes You Stand Out!

"I really like something interesting and outstanding. I like to stand out from the crowd." uin shoes are so interesting and the drawings on the shoes are very beautiful. I really like those different themes, so everyone will be able to find something for themselves. Some people love flowers; some love stripes; and I love the black shoes with mushrooms and uneven soles. It is really cool! As I've mentioned, I love unique designs and I always try to create designs that are like "one of a kind"! The biggest difference between uin and other brands is uniqueness. The fact that wearing a pair of uin can be different, with different patterns and soles. That is what inspires me the most. uin shoes are like a piece of art, which quite resonated with the core of my designs, we all try to provide comfort and art, which enables us to eventually gain peace in real life I believe."

Coding may be mechanical and rigid, but Mara's fashion attitude isn't. She said, "I love the different themes and colors and I had a lot of fun integrating the shoes in my daily outfits. The collection with paintings is definitely a favorite of mine, so wearing the sunflower fields shoes, for example, makes me feel a little like a fancy art lover, even when I’m just going shopping."