During a trip, there is nothing better than looking cute and feeling comfortable at the same time! You don’t always have to wear heels or dressy sandals to look nice on a trip. There are so many ways to pair cozy flats (or fashionable slippers for that matter) with your favorite travel dress, skirt, jeans or leggings. There are so many great summer travel outfit ideas!

Summer is a popular time for those to take annual vacations, road trips and international trips. During late June 2021, I had the opportunity to do a dream California road trip and during my time exploring San Francisco and wine country, I paired my brand-new pairs of UIN shoes with some cute summer travel outfits.

In this blog post, discover all the cutest and most comfortable summer travel outfit ideas for your upcoming adventure!

About UIN Footwear:

UIN Footwear is known as the “art travel” shoe brand and that every life step from travel to work and running errands to visiting a loved one is considered a story.

All UIN shoes are made of EVA outsoles and ortholite insoles. The outside of the shoe is made with canvas, knitted fabric, wool and microfiber leather. The entire is shoe is vegan!

In addition, every UIN shoe includes arch support in the insoles. It is perfect for all-day comfort that we are looking for, especially during our travels when we are walking around a lot and need that extra support! The arch support system that these awesome shoes have reduces stress in the heel. It also includes a soft responsive cushion that includes stimulating nodules to massage your feet all day long. UIN Footwear also has SARP Shock Guard Technology that features shock absorption to eliminate foot pressure.

Overall, UIN shoes are comfortable all around and one of my favorite aspects about it is that you don’t have to break them in! So that means during the first full day of wear, you will not get any blisters or soreness in your feet – SCORE!

Most of UIN shoes are specially designed with a wider space in the front of the shoes to allow for more freedom in the toes and they are also great for those with wider feet!

Cute and Comfortable Summer Travel Outfit Ideas:

What is amazing about UIN shoes are that you can pair them with so many cute and comfortable travel outfits. Since you can choose between a variety of beautiful designs for your UIN shoes, the best outfits to pair them with are solids. I recommend wearing them with a cute t-shirt dress; denim shorts with a cute tank top; a solid color skirt (either denim or skater style) with a cute top; jeans and a nice blouse; leggings with a sweater or sweatshirt and so much more.

Discover the most adorable and comfy summer travel outfit ideas from my very own adventures in California. UIN Footwear gifted me with their Nelumbo and Stained Glass shoes. I was obsessed with both designs and they are absolutely perfect for the summer!

Outfit 1: A Cool Summer Evening Out in The Town

During my time in Sonoma County, I enjoyed my evenings savoring delicious food, wine, live music and a great ambiance in Santa Rosa. Summertime in the Greater San Francisco area can be a bit chilly, so it is important to bring a warm jacket with you.

I loved pairing my UIN Nelumbo shoes with a corduroy body-con dress. Both the dress and the shoes went perfectly together! Since it was chilly that night, I also wore a light pink sweater jacket to go along with everything.

The Nelumbo UIN shoes feature a beautiful lotus flower on them. The lotus is a symbol of purity or beauty!

Outfit 2: A Girly Mixed with Comfort Look for a Winery or Outdoor Dinner

A Girly Mixed with Comfort Look for a Winery or Outdoor Dinner

Whether you are visiting a winery on vacation, are touring around a city or are simply enjoying a nice meal or drink outside, one of the best summer travel outfit ideas is pairing a cute white eyelet dress with the Stained Glass UIN shoes.

I love this look because it adds color to this outfit. The UIN Stained Glass design is an example of a creative approach towards multicolor saturation synthesizing by using hexagonal figures to create a magnetizing mosaic.

Outfit 3: The Perfect Pool Party Outfit

Another one of the best summer travel outfit ideas is pairing the Nelumbo shoes with a cute tank top and denim shorts. I love how the blue and mauve colors in the shoes perfectly match the blue in the shorts and the off white in the top!

UIN Footwear is perfect to wear in the summer because they are also light and airy! I loved wearing this awesome outfit by the pool at my hotel in Winters, California.

Outfit 4: A Comfortable, but Stylish Airport Outfit

A Comfortable, but Stylish Airport Outfit

What is also great about UIN Footwear are that they are the perfect shoe to wear to the airport! Whether you are traveling two hours on a direct flight or 24 hours on multiple flights, UIN shoes provide that extra support and comfort for those long days on your feet.

I love pairing the Nelumbo shoes with a simple pair of black leggings, a white sweatshirt from Amsterdam and a cute cap during a travel day!

Outfit 5: The Best Outfit to Wear on a City Getaway

The Best Outfit to Wear on a City Getaway

Another one of the top summer outfit ideas is pairing UIN’s Stained Glass shoes with a nice pair of jeans whether it be simple straight leg denim, mom jeans, etc.

During my time in San Francisco, I loved wearing my new white mom jeans with an off-the-shoulder top. I loved how the colors from the Stained Glass UIN shoes gave a great contrast from the basic colors.

I hope you all enjoyed discovering my most comfortable and stylish summer travel outfit ideas with UIN Footwear and that it helps you decide what to wear for your next getaway.

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