Kingdom of Morocco

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UIN Footwear Women Sunshine in Morocco Canvas loafers

Sunshine in Morocco

Design Concept Explore an enchanting nature and captivating impression of traditional Moroccan art depicted on canvas shoes. The composition of Sunshine in Morocco represents geometric motifs of iconic Zellij blended...
UIN Footwear Women Palm Flower Canvas loafers

Palm Flower

Design Concept The super intriguing nature of The Palm Flower model is meant to attract attention & surprise everyone you meet on your way! Each shoe is decorated with its...
UIN Footwear Women Marrakech Canvas loafers


Design Concept The Marrakech shoe design reveals the mesmerizing beauty and remarkable style of this Moroccan city. The graphic depiction of Marrakech landscapes is presented as a blend of interplaying...


Design Concept Discover the stunning beauty and extraordinary architecture of Chefchaouen - an iconic Blue city! The remarkable impressions of cobalt-blue house facades incorporated in the shoe design - underline...
UIN Footwear Kid Morocco Fun Kid Canvas loafers

Morocco Fun Kid

Design Concept Discover the beauty of pastel color-based design crafted for your child. The Morocco Fun is not only a composition of bright & soothing tones but also a means...
UIN Footwear Kid Carving Miracle Kid Canvas loafers

Carving Miracle Kid

Design Concept Surprise your child with asymmetric form and unusual design of The Carving Miracle shoes. Each shoe represents a different nature of artistic patterns that absorbs the attention &...
UIN Footwear Men Follow Me Canvas loafers

Follow Me

Design Concept The startling composition of The Follow Me shoes bases on a mixture of simple design with exotic Moroccan flair. The solid sandy color shade of the background brings...