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Painted Butterflies Women UIN

Painted Butterflies

Design Concept Did you know that butterflies have naturally developed their vivid shades of color for the exact same purpose? That’s right! They carefully chose different and striking brilliant colors...
Marigolds Women UIN


100% Pure Cotton Canvas Upper Lightweight and breathable to keep feet dry and comfortable in hot weather; sustainable and friendly to the environment. Free Your Feet Bionics Foot-shaped Design Perfectly...
Lemon juice Women UIN

Lemon juice

Design Concept Did you know that Italian men literally says ¡°lemoning hard¡± when they want to say ¡°kiss with passion¡±? Well, now you do! Lemon is the true fruit of...
Sunset Coconut Slipper Men UIN

Sunset Coconut Slipper

A Pair Of Artistic Slippers To Refresh Yourself Bring back unforgettable memories of your tropical holidays with The Sunset Coconut model. This uplifting composition - filled with a pallet of...
Valencia Knitted Orange Women UIN

Valencia Knitted Orange

Design Concept Material Upper: Knitted / Heel Lining:Short Plush /?Insole:Ortholite / Outsole:EVA /?Closure Type:Slip-On
Cornflower Women Majorca Flip Flops Women UIN

Cornflower Women Majorca Flip Flops

Full-size Shoe Upper Pattern Design? Immerse yourself in a remarkable mixture of interpenetrating violet shades and cornflower ornaments. Harmonious appealing patterns of symmetric nature brings the notion of relaxing cornflower,...
Hello Colors Women UIN

Hello Colors

Surround yourself with a positive atmosphere of vibrant colors presented in The Hello Colors composition. Bright, vivid spots of artistic abstract patterns create a boost of uplifting energy! Irregularity of...
Splashed World Women UIN

Splashed World

Look at the world through the perspective of abstract figures revealed in The Splashed World. The splattered pallet of colors presented in the form of asymmetric patterns refers to the...
Summer Elves Women UIN

Summer Elves

Enjoy blissful moments of pure enjoyment and leisure with The Summer Elves knitted shoes. A unique bouquet of color shades brings an atmosphere of summer breeze and slow pace of...
Blue Forest Women UIN

Blue Forest

Surprise your friends with a unique blend of holiday freedom and creative design with The Blue Forest shoes. This exceptional model combines a white background decorated with regular horizontal lines...
Sweet Pineapple Women UIN Footwear

Sweet Pineapple

Discover a delightful artistic harmony between pineapples, classic white background, and unique patterns. Sweet Pineapple model reveals a cheerful atmosphere of tropical summer and juicy yellow pineapples in a super...
Night Jungle Men Majorca Flip Flops Men UIN

Night Jungle Flip Flops

Full-size Shoe Upper Pattern Design? Express your great feelings and positive thoughts by wearing The Night Jungle model. This slipper design does not only emit good, uplifting vibrations but also...