pacific holiday

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Splashed World Women UIN

Splashed World

Look at the world through the perspective of abstract figures revealed in The Splashed World. The splattered pallet of colors presented in the form of asymmetric patterns refers to the...
Old Track Men UIN

Old Track

The Old Track design bases on iconic harmony between white and black colors. This monochromatic approach towards composition as well as an incorporated abstract pattern of modern art - results...
Hello Colors Women UIN

Hello Colors

Surround yourself with a positive atmosphere of vibrant colors presented in The Hello Colors composition. Bright, vivid spots of artistic abstract patterns create a boost of uplifting energy! Irregularity of...
Birds and Beasts Men UIN

Birds and Beasts

Express your individuality and bond with wildlife through the captivating design of The Birds and Beasts. The unique composition of these canvas shoes represents wilderness, strength, and individuality - desirable...
Splatter Men UIN


Reveal a bundle of your artistic creativity with a hypnotizing The Splatter composition. Irregular patterns on the shoes leave the impression that both shoes are mismatched - which is deliberately...
Blue Forest Women UIN

Blue Forest

Surprise your friends with a unique blend of holiday freedom and creative design with The Blue Forest shoes. This exceptional model combines a white background decorated with regular horizontal lines...
Summer Elves Women UIN

Summer Elves

Enjoy blissful moments of pure enjoyment and leisure with The Summer Elves knitted shoes. A unique bouquet of color shades brings an atmosphere of summer breeze and slow pace of...
Lemon Summer Women UIN

Lemon Summer

Rejoice in moments of unalloyed relaxation and vacation mood by wearing The Lemon Summer shoes! This captivating blend of bright color shades and thrilling patterns places in a state of...
Thorn Rose Women UIN

Thorn Rose

The captivating nature of The Thorn Rose shoes results from their unconventional arrangement of patterns and bouquet of color shades. The characteristic two-color background of these knitted shoes in combination...