🎨FatCatArt x uinfootwear

Admire the Meowsterpiece with the Great Artists' Meows! Now you can wear famous paintings improved by the fat ginger Meow - Zarathustra! uin is so honored to interview Svetlana Petrova (Sveta)-the real master behind the famous meowsterpieces. Let us dig out the behind-the-scenes story of your favorite shoes.

"Though Picky with Collaborations, uin Caught My Eyes"

"I like uin artsy style. I am very picky in my collaborations, the quality and ethical character of a brand means a lot to me. I noticed uin products are eco-friendly and seem to be very comfortable like shoes. When I got my samples from uin, I was amazed by their printing and general quality, and the comfort of wearing them. So I wear them myself with pleasure! And when our collaboration started and the shoes went on sale, I got a lot of positive feedback from my followers who bought them. My fans wrote to me the shoes were so beautiful and comfy, and they love them." — Sveta

"Zarathustra Also Saved Me from Depression after My Mother’s Death"

"Fat Cat Art is a very personal project. Zarathustra the Cat was my mother’s cat; I adopted him after she died in 2008. I was so close to my mother, and I miss her so much. Zarathustra was a living memory of my mother. He also saved me from depression after my mother’s death.

Zarathustra was so funny! He was chubby, my mother spoiled him immensely. I decided to photoshop the cat into some paintings. I sent the paintings to some friends of mine, artists and gallerists to see their reaction. Never before I saw serious ladies crying to tears and laying down from laughter.

This encouraged me a lot, and I launched the site FatCatArt.comwhere Zarathustra reflected on his travels in the history of art and its contemporary development and showed the paintings created by great masters of the past and present with him as a meowdel." — Sveta