Tuned-in Fall

Who says you cannot have a pair of shoes that is both warm and chic under colder weather? uin got your back (or feet).
Come and check out our stunning fall & winter collections! Pick your favorite.

Madrid Collection

A pair of boots that will stand you out from the crowd. Wear uin Madrid boots to Madrid's annual International Jazz Festival every autumn. Swing to the music. The dance floor has never seen shoes fun like these.
Features: Innovative knit material with extremely high plasticity and breathability, Spanish non-slip outsole, ergonomic shoe design, super lightweight

Versatile Snow Boots

Classic shoe shape meets innovative design, the retro-chic style inspires various outfit ideas. Water-repellent and slip-proof windbreaker boots with great style at the same time. Wear them from the slopes to the street!
Features: Exotic pattern design, soft & warm, secure & supportive, bionics foot-shaped design keeps your feet comfy.

Fashion Boots: Own Your Style

The fashion boots collection is for those who want comfort without compromising their look. The Navarra fashion boots can be worn for a variety of different purposes. Unlike other boots, which are typically worn only in cold weather, Navarra fashion boots can be worn in virtually any condition and for a variety of events. This versatility can be attributed to their multiple-in-one-wearing style. You can remove and replace linings as you please. During the winter you might decide to go with the fuzzy white lining. When it’s raining out, you can remove the fuzzy lining and wear the boot like a normal pair of rubber boots!
Stay comfortable while hitting the street!
Features: Ultra-lightweight, staylish, vivid color, thickend midsole