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U in Story, Meow in Art (Part II)

Fate has its own way of weaving stories, and last year marked an unexpected turn in this artistic journey. Tragically, Zarathustra passed away, leaving behind a void not only in Sveta's heart but also within the art world itself. Yet as life often reminds us, even amidst loss and sorrow, new beginnings emerge.Enter Tyger Blake– the disciple of Zarathustra, a charismatic cat who inherited Zarathustra's role as Sveta’s muse and the hope of the world.Stay tuned for our interview with artist Sveta, as we unravel the captivating story of Tyger – a muse who carries on the legacy of Zarathustra and forever etches his pawprints in the annals of artistic history.

"Tyger Blake Came into My Life and healed My Heart"

"After Zarathustra passed away all my friends began to send me info about cats who need to be adopted, they knew Zarathustra would be glad that I adopted a rescue cat. And when I saw the photos of the little ginger guy with a very emotional face and surprised eyes, Zarathustra whispered to me "It's time". This is how Tyger Blake came into my life. He got his name because of the famous William Blake’s poem “The Tyger”. The answer to William Blake's question "What shoulder, & what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart?" is Zarathustra! I am sure it was Zarathustra who sent us his fluffy emanation." — Sveta

“Tyger Blake Follows Zarathustra’s Steps in Healing Human Losses and Conflicts”

“Tyger was rescued at the end of 2021 and I adopted him 12 of February 2022. And then war began… We left Russia because I am against war. He appeared to be a very clever and kind cat. He became the best bro for my other cat David Bowie and healed his soul deeply wounded by losing of Zarathustra.” — Sveta

“Tyger Inherited Zarathustra’s Throne and Feels His Righteous Heir”

“He gave me the sense of living when the war started and I felt the world was falling apart. Tyger Blake took over the mission of improving famous paintings advocating for peace. He showed himself as an art therapist dealing with trauma caused by war. So Tyger Blake follows Zarathustra’s steps in healing human losses and conflicts and works for creating the peaceful future on our planet. He also inherited Zarathustra’s throne and feels his righteous heir.” — Sveta

💌The credits for images are: Svetlana Petrova & Zarathustra the Cat / FatCatArt.com.