The Cute Temptation Leads You to Fresh Trips!

uin Art Story-Big Orange Fat Cat: Zarathustra🐱

uin collaborated with Svetlana Petrova's prouded art work——the Fat Cat Art, intending to pass on a concept that random trips can always bring unexpected travel surprises! Let the joy and wonders of journey injects energetic fuels into your life!

"Out of my love for art, the determination to turn my art-passion into an official career, also the constant art inspirations given from Zarathustra (my cute orange fat cat), I lanuched the Fatcatart website in 2011. The site records Zarathustra's accidental travels to artworks of different periods & countries. The originally serious atmosphere of those pics are added a sense of humor because of the Zarathustra's random entry. The Internet phenomeon: “famous paintings improved by cats” has gone viral ever since the born of Fatcatart".🐱

“Thanks to Zarathustra's adorable face and casual postures alsways give me fresh thoughts and inspirations for the art creation porcess. I love working with him."

To dear U-fans

"Wherever U Go, Make uin Your Best Travel Companion"