Smiley Microfiber Leather Men

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The Funniest Slip-ons For Autumn/Winter

Add something interesting to your feet, wander freely and enjoy all in this season.

Do you see the smile on people’s faces? She’s back, like a messenger of spring
Yes, let's Smile. Put faith and hope into the smile. Put tenacity and calm into the
smile. Put warmth and love into the smile. Even the opponent we fight against may be
frightened of our smile every time we face them. Yes, let's Smile.

Microfiber Leather Upper

A durable high-class synthetic leather, which is 30% less impactful on the environment compared to animal leathers.

Super Lightweight

Designed to make you feel lighter and more mobile

Foot-shaped Design

The insole shape resembles the nature shape of your foot with wider toe box.


Improved uin insole for all-day comfort

Spanish Non-slip Outsole 

(Thickened Design for A&W) 

A Special Collection of Spanish Essences. Increase the fun of walking

Perfect Choice for Autumn/Winter Outfit


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