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The Funniest Slip-ons For Autumn/Winter

Add something interesting to your feet, wander freely and enjoy all in this season.

Awesome artwork of Graffiti street pop culture. Black lines on a white background converging on some abstract red and orange shapes with some blue elements on the sides. Perfectly eye-catching with its edgy contrast between these opposite color combos (black/white, blue/red). Ideal gift for both the sexes. Guaranteed frosty!

Microfiber Leather Upper

A durable high-class synthetic leather, which is 30% less impactful on the environment compared to animal leathers.

Super Lightweight

Designed to make you feel lighter and more mobile

Easier to Take on & Off

Double elastic band, suitable for high instep. Allows the shoes to be easily taken on or off.

Foot-shaped Design

The insole shape resembles the nature shape of your foot with wider toe box.


Improved uin insole for all-day comfort

Spanish Non-slip Outsole 

(Thickened Design for A&W) 

A Special Collection of Spanish Essences. Increase the fun of walking


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