Fight with Insect Men

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Men Size (EU Standard)
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Right for Cool Season

An Upgradation of Classic Toledo. Wander freely and enjoy all in this season.

In the unlikely event that a person would start a fight with a group of weird-looking insects in an abnormal black and white reality, the resulting melee would probably look like something like this crazy looking painting. An incredibly original idea for a creative and original mind like yours! The orange elements right in the middle are the cherry on top that makes this pair of shoes just so eye-catching!    

Microfiber Leather Upper

A durable high-class synthetic leather, which is 30% less impactful on the environment compared to animal leathers.

Super Lightweight

Designed to make you feel lighter and more mobile

Foot-shaped Design

The insole shape resembles the nature shape of your foot with wider toe box.


Improved uin insole for all-day comfort


Map of Toledo. Increase the fun of walking.

Perfect Choice for Autumn/Winter Outfit


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