BRAVE PURSUIT kids Art Painted Casual Shoes

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Renjishi is one of the most famous Japanese Kabuki plays, known for its heartwarming storyline.

The father lion kicked his cub into a deep and steep ravine, and the cub must climb up the mountain with great effort. It seems that the father lion is merciless and cruel, however, actually, he waited with worry and anxiousness and always looked into the ravine. Meanwhile, when the cub perceived his father’s silhouette, he conquered the fear and crawled over the sharp rocks.

One shoe’s pattern of this painted art shoes is the father lion with white hair as the elder and the other one with red hair for youth. Together the pair of shoes narrates the love between parent and child, and the braveness to defeat setbacks.


  • Upper:Microfiber Leather / Lining:Short Plush
  • Insole:Ortholite / Outsole:EVA / Closure Type:Hook & Loop
  • BIONIC DESIGN - The shape of insole resembles the shape of the feet with wider toe space
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT - Weight around 14 oz per pair of shoes
  • EASY TO SLIP ON AND TAKE OFF - Hook & loop design allows to slip the shoes on and off easily
  • STYLISH ART PRINTING - Unique design painted in art fashion by UIN Spain designer, perfect for unique wearing style
  • SOFT INNER - 0.35 inch inner cushioning is super comfortable to provide unmatched support
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY - UIN pays much effort to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our materials are safe with environmentally-friendly features, limiting pollution to the ecosystem. None of UIN sneakers incorporates fur or other elements of animal origins

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