Bonjour France

Indulge Yourself in the Enchanting Romance

Planning a distinctive trip to France? Want to indulge in the enchanting romance leisurely? If diversity is what you're after, start your trip with several days in Paris, and invest the rest of your time in other areas. Provence pairs well with the French Riviera, or opt to chase the wines of Bordeaux with castles and history in the Loire Valley. That said, each region and city in France contains multitudes. You can easily spend your whole trip exploring the French romantic vibes, hopping from Mediaeval towns to charming villages, or stick to the beautiful Provencal countryside.

Many travellers to France don't stray far from the big cities like Paris and Lyon. But the truth is they may miss the chance of discovering gems in France. You will find it more than worthy travelling to little towns. Explore picture-postcard medieval villages with narrow cobblestone streets and charming towns where wine-making reigns supreme. You will see a more traditional France. Even better, many small towns in France are often situated amid gorgeous sceneries of both mountains and sea. Take in the glamour of the gems of France!

Château de Versailles is the pinnacle of French artistic achievements in the 17th century and the main residence of French kings Louis XIV to Louis XVI. Through the efforts of generations of architects, sculptors, decorators and landscapers, the palace and its gardens have influenced many other great gardens in Europe, becoming the ultimate example of taste and style. Walk into a royal Baroque ball in Versailles, admire the exquisite art, enjoy the Musical Gardens and the Great Musical Waters in the gardens and groves opened for the occasion in summer night. It will be a gilded and awe-inspiring visit once in a lifetime!

Fall in love with the beauty of French villages! Drive among beautiful roads, snaking between olive groves, vineyards, and rows of vibrant purple lavender & golden-yellow sunflower fields. Jump in the refreshing water of rivers and waterfalls. Wander the streets of hilltop villages, built into cliff faces, with stone cottages and painted shutters. Enjoy the culinary delights of France. French villages have everything you could ever imagine. Refresh yourself in natural tranquility!

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