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uin Toledo Family

As the hero product of uin, Toledo, a pair of art travel shoes designed by Fernando, was born by his inspiration when travelling in the beautiful city Toledo. Toledo shoe has the original bionic foot-shaped design, with a one-piece minimalist upper, a streamlined hand-made ceramic sole with Toledo city crafted outsole! In order to adapt to different travel scenarios, various sole designs were created which named after Spanish cities on the basis of consistent uppers. Therefore, Toledo family has come into being.

Let uin Toledo Family Guide Your Travel in Spain!

Taking the historical and cultural city of Spain - Toledo's urban topographic map as the sole texture, the name of the our hero product has been given. The city of Toledo is the source of inspiration for uin art travel shoes, the design expresses the passion for the continuous exploration of history, culture, natural landscape and exotic customs during travel. Follow us to explore city of three cultures, where Christians, Arabs and Jews live together, and immerse into the unique artistic styles with every step.

The texture of the sole of Toledo II is designed with the representative symbols of Spanish culture and art, so that the Spanish genes are integrated into daily life, making every step of walk full of art, enthusiasm and freedom.

The design incorporates the Spanish island-Fuerteventura coastlines into the sole, with slip-proof material, it also adds some seaside fun during vacation, awakening a heart that wants to travel at any time. The natural and cool vibes in Fuerteventura bring pleasure and relaxation of body and mind while you are on a trip.

Catalonia shoes are inspired by the urban topographic map of Catalonia, the city of Spanish art. The sole texture design takes the characteristics of the coastline, granting you a full artistic sense of travel and expressing the love of continuous exploration of art.


Figueres uses the lines embodied in the surreal art form created by Spanish Figueres artist Dalí as the texture structure, the dreamy bubbles pervade the soles and uppers, which constitutes the surrealism of this shoe. These shoes are an innovative tribute to the talented Spanish artist Dalí. When you pay a visit to Figueres, these shoes will bring you the most unforgettable memory.


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