Seven Seas

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Design Concept

Anchors have been used by those who created watercraft since the dawn of time to secure boats in one location. There are several reasons why these devices are used. A fisherman may want to stay in one spot for an extended period, and those who are swimming may want to swim in one location with access to the boat. In distant ancient history, anchors were merely bags of stones or large stones, sandbags, or in some cases, logs filled with lead. The Greeks designed the first iron anchors, and some of the Roman designs included arms that dug into the ground. Just like anchors, keeping grounded when facing life’s storms is not an easy task. Luckily, these canvas shoes can help.


Unmatching Painted Shoe Design

A true footwear masterpiece that will have you looking chic and unique


Upper:Canvas / Heel Lining:Short Plush / Insole:Ortholite / Outsole:EVA / Closure Type:Slip-On

Foot Shaped Design

The shape of insole resembles the shape of the feet with wider toe space

Soft and Flexible

Soft RPS cushioned insoles offer all-day comfort

Super Lightweight

14 oz per pair, offer barefoot nature

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