Japanese Collection-Men

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UIN Footwear Women Crane In Dark Canvas loafers

Crane In Dark Men

Design Concept A crane dancing daintily through the night sky. Want to see for yourself? UIN has captured this scene in our new Crane In Dark design.  Microfiber Leather Upper...
UIN Footwear Men Koi Blade Canvas loafers

Koi Blade

Design Concept Wonder what it was like to spar with the Samurai or swim with the mightly Koi? You can experience both with our Koi Blade design!  Microfiber Leather Upper...
UIN Footwear Men Daruma-Deep Blue Canvas loafers

Daruma-Deep Blue

Design Concept Need to turn your luck around? This trendy design from UIN features the Red Daruma - a traditional talisman for good luck in Japan.  Microfiber Leather Upper A...
UIN Footwear Men Oni Canvas loafers


Design Concept Can you spot the fire in this Akagi's eyes? Show off this dark yet beautiful Oni design from UIN. Microfiber Leather Upper A durable high-class synthetic leather, which...
Will to Fight Men UIN

Will to Fight

Design Concept Awesome looking pair of shoes, really. Only for true Japanese lovers: the Rising Sun flag in the background with its typical striking red right in the middle of...
Japan Street Men UIN

Japan Street

Design Concept This super good looking pair of shoes is pretty self explanatory actually... But do you really need a reason to like Japan? I mean, c’mon: one of the...
Ninja Men UIN


Design Concept Awesome pair of shoes for East Asia culture lovers. In displays the well known Japanese Ninjas in a typical Japanese art style environment. The colors employed are very...
CREATURE Men Art Painted Canvas Fashion Loafers Men UIN


DESIGN CONCEPT Out of the pursuit and ardent love for the mysterious ocean, UIN designers follows The Great Wave off Kanagawa, one of the most classic traditional Japanese artworks, and...