Christ the Redeemer

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A Pair Of Artistic Loafers Stand You Out

What a revolutionary was Jesus Christ indeed! After more than 2000 years he is still very much venerated all around the world, especially in Latin America where his sculpture dominates the valley around the top of the mountain where it stands. The colors employed in this pair of shoes are truly eye-catching, playing with the contrast between the brightness and warmth of the orange skies and the green down below.

Knitted Upper

Innovative knit material with extremely high plasticity and breathability.

Ergonomic Shoe Design

Fits perfectly to the foot shape, comfortable to wear

Stylish & Unique

Artistic and bold pattern stands you out in a crowd

Super Lightweight

Simplified shoe construction with only 350g


Improved uin insole for all-day comfort

Spanish Non-slip Outsole 

A Special Collection of Spanish Essences. Increase the fun of walking


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